Florida Lanai Light FAQ

If you’re considering buying lanai lights in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral or anywhere in America, you probably have some questions about lanai light installation or outdoor lighting components.

We believe our lanai lights gallery offers some beautiful answers, but “Let us show you the light” with responses to our most commonly asked questions.  If your pool deck lighting question is not answered here, contact our Florida lanai lighting experts online or call one of our experienced lanai lighting customer service professionals at 239-322-KING (239-322-5464):

Q: Can I hookup my new outdoor patio lighting to a timer?

Yes.  Simply plug your system into a standard plug-in timer.

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Q: Will my new lanai lights hold up to the weather?

Yes. Each component is designed for maximum resistance to sun bleaching, wind, and precipitation.

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Q: Do your lanai lights come with a warranty?

Defective components other than light bulbs and the remote control will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer up to 1 year after the purchase date.  

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Q: Are The Light King’s lanai lights LED or incandescent?

Either.  The Light King is proud to now offer energy-saving LED lanai lights in addition to traditional adjustable incandescent outdoor patio lighting.

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Q: What kind of incandescent light bulbs do I need for my lanai lights?

Our lanai lights come with bulbs, but when they need replacing simply purchase standard 40 watt lightbulbs.

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Q: How many outdoor deck lights can be linked to the same plug?

Incandescent lanai lights can incorporate 7 units into the same system, while LED lanai lights can include up to 20.

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Q: Where do I point the lanai light remote control (picture)?

Aim for the plugged in receiver with the antenna.

Lanai Light Antenna

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Q: How do you wire lanai lighting on a pre-existing outdoor patio or pool deck?

Our exclusive lanai lighting system comes with adhesive wire covers specially designed to complement the poles or support structures they’ll be running along. For more information, see our lanai light installation guide.

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Q: What if I need extra lanai lighting components?

Each boxed lanai lighting system has the necessary pieces for standard installation and operation.  Abnormally shaped screen cages could require additional wire cover fittings.  Contact The Light King's lanai lighting experts for more information: 239-322-5464 (239-322-KING).

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